Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scrappy Fabric Card Tutorial

Hello everyone, I have a fun, and very quick tutorial for you. I had a pretty pile of left over rectangles from quilt project and I didn't want to throw them away.

What to do with them? I am in a few swaps on Instagram and I thought a pretty card set might be a fun gift to add to my packages.

I bought my cards here. The quality was great (and I couldn't beat the price). I tied 5 cards with a  vintage fabric measuring tape (or scrap of ribbon).

My cards came open (not folded yet) and I left it that way until the card was done. Cut your scraps into 3 strips sized to your card. I adhered each strip with a light spray of 505 Spray Adhesive and a little pressure on the card.

Sew each rectangle down close to the edge of the card.

Flip your card over and trim the fabric hang over. Yes, my ruler is broken. I just can't get rid of it.

Fold your card along the middle line and press with your finger. All done. Be sure to include the envelopes with your card sets.

As you can see I left the loose strings on my cards. I think it adds to its character but you can trim them neater.

Are you on Instagram? I am. And so is Heather. She will be holding several massive fabric destashes on her account so be sure to follow her and pick up great deals on out of print, hard to find, and new fabrics at great fabrics. 

You can find Heather's destash account under thequiltbarndestash
Her quilty projects are at thequiltbarn
And you can find me too at tinyglutton