Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lucky Winners!

Preparations for the Christmas Holiday took over and we neglected to hold the drawing for our November Blog Follower! So, we have 2 lucky winners today! These blog followers have won a $25 gift certificate to the Quilt Barn:

Amy Toft & Erin Young

Congratulations! Your gift certificates will be available at the cash register at your convenience. :-)

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!

I think the term "cheater fabric" is a little harsh. I mean, really... isn't this type of cheating called increasing efficiency? :-) Moda's Winter Patch fabrics are already patchworked for you! You can add some warm batting, and snuggly minky on the back and Ta-da! Tie it or quilt it up for a beauty that looks like you slaved the week away - no piecing required!

Boy Scouts of America 100 yrs

Last month, Logan (my oldest son) earned his Eagle Scout Award. How perfect that Boy Scouts of America is celebrating 100 years in 2010 and all this fun Scout fabric is available! We took a couple of wall hanging kits and added a border to create a fun throw to commemorate his achievement. He chose camoflauge minky as the back and now has to peel it off one of his family members when he wants to use it! I'm even guilty - I guess everyone needs their own minky quilt. I better get sewing!

Nothing like flannel in the winter...

After hunting for a "masculine" quilt pattern, I was thrilled to find one that simply uses half square triangles to form a beautiful diamond pattern. My 14 year old son loves flannel and didn't want this machine quilted for fear it would stiffen up and lose it's soft puffy feel. Well, quilting is just what I do, so... I put a puffy poly batting inside and quilted horizontal rows across the quilt. Talk about NUMMY! It is as soft as it can be!

Oh Christmas Tree... what a gorgeous skirt you have on

Jenele made this GORGEOUS tree skirt for her super lucky daughter-in-law for Christmas! The picture just doesn't do it is truly stunning. She found the pattern/tutorial on - a simply amazing blog full of fun tutorials and ideas. If you haven't ever browsed it, make sure you set aside a good chunk of time, because you will want to see absolutely everything this talented gal has ever created! She is so generous to share her patterns and has written some fabulous tutorials to help you create your own amazing projects!