Monday, July 30, 2012

Petunia Bag by Izzy and Ivy

A customer came into the shop and was carrying a bag I just had to make. I recognized it but never would have looked twice at it because of the fabrics in the picture. The fabric she used was perfect. We carry the pattern and the fabric?! Done.

I am not a bag maker (but maybe I can call myself one now after 4 bags in 2 weeks). I have made a few (the Sun and Surf Tote) so I was worried that this pattern would be out of my comfort zone. Once all the cutting out was done (and there is a lot) the sewing up part went smoothly and it came together nicely.

So, a big thank-you to that customer and her fantastic bag for inspiring me to make one too.

Pattern: Izzy and Ivy Petunia Bag
Fabric: Urban Cowgirl Plaid in Cornbread

I have finished the comic book messenger bag too and will share it this week. I am calling July Bag Month. I need some quilt inspiration to get me back to quilting.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Judy's Knitted Cowl

Judy brought in a new goodie for the shop. I called it a cowl in the title but there is no name for this pattern other than Item 913. It could also be a collar or a scarf. Whatever it is called it is darling.

The pattern and yarn are from Plymouth. The yarn is Eros II color 3002.

I think we should talk Judy into teaching a class. What do you think?

We are having work done to the blog and the bog reveal will be next week. I saw a peek and it is super cute. All of our tutorials and free patterns will be easy to see and access. Make sure you come back and let us know what you think.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peak Hour Quilt

This posting went up and then disappeared so I am resubmitting it. Its too cute of a quilt not to share.

Today we have Lori's Peak Hour Quilt. This cute car fabric is Peak Hour by Riley Blake.
Lori put this quilt together using a wonky log cabin technique, whole strip sashing and borders.

I love the newsprint centers. Who am I kidding, I love anything with print or text.
Great job Lori!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini Doll Sun and Surf Tote

What do you do after making a Sun and Surf Tote? You make a doll size tote.
I walked by this pattern and did a double take. "Isn't that the bag I just made?"

I made sure not to show it to my girls before I brought it back to The Quilt Barn. It would have been snatched up and fought over.

Eventually I will have to make a few more.  'A' will need one for her stuffed skunk and 'N' for her baby doll named 'Baby N' (named after herself).

 This little bag was so easy and quick I could even make some for stocking stuffers last minute in December.  I am now sewing together the messenger bag. I am on a tote/bag kick.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Oliver & S Bucket Hat

The Oliver & S book, Little Things to Sew, has the best bucket hat pattern. Granted, I haven't tried any other pattern but this one is great. And reversible!

The book has lots of cute things to sew. The Cozy Animal Hood is on tap for this winter. I wonder if I can adjust the pattern to make it look like a skunk? This girl loooves skunks.

I have made about 5 of these now and they are so easy to cute out and sew up. Easy peasy.
Oooh, I have an idea for that comic fabric I love so much. OK, I'm off to make a bunch of bucket hats.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabric Friday

Welcome to Fabric Friday where I share some new fabrics that are in stock.
We got in a shipment from Michael Miller. Above is Wooden Horses (they remind me of Swedish wooden dhala horses), Wood Cuts, and Font.

Yummy Ta Dots in Sorbet, Caribbean, Coral, and Mustard.

Comic prints Zap and Kiss Me. I love these two. I know I will be making a bag with these but what else could I use them for? Any suggestions?
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Messenger Bag and Fabric Selection

I saw one of my favorite people who visit The Quilt Barn this morning, the UPS guy. He brings me fabric presents. OK, he doesn't bring them to me per se. 
I had been thinking about another bag pattern and when I opened the box and saw this, I squealed. 
Perfect perfect. 
We also got in some Ta Dots. This is where I need your help. Do you like the red with grey/black dots or...

 the green with teal dots?

This is the pattern I am making. Soooo, what do you think? Opinions please. And had anyone made this bag and have any tips?
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sun and Surf Tote

I'm going to blame this one on Amy. She kept talking about the Sun and Surf Tote by Modkid and I got excited about making one too.

I am not a bag expert by any means so I was worried about making one. I checked out the instructions first and they seemed easy enough.
The fabric choice was easy, Freshcut by Heather Bailey.

The exterior pockets (bottom band) is Painted Mums in Green.
Top of the bag is Graphic Mums in Turquoise
Lining and handles is Finery in PinkyPurple.
The button is from World of Buttons (we carry these in the store)
Grommets by Ride Deko (also in the shop)
Fusible by Pellon

I also got to try our the Janome 12000 on Friday and made a cross stitch monogram. I should have put it on the button side of the bag but it didn't occur to me when I was assembling the bag. Shoot.

I will share Amy's bag when she brings it in. She is using Tippy Toes by Henry Glass. It is so bright and fun. 

I think this will make a great class so I think I will be setting something up for the fall.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Millie's Cathedral Raw Edge Applique Quilt Tutorial

Millie's Cathedral Quilt

Finished Size: 39"X80"

I wanted to use the width of the fabric plus extra length for a long lap blanket. I like my toes covered. The measurements given are for this size but of course you can use this tutorial

What You  Will Need

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Millie's Cathedral Quilt

I love Lori Holt's fabric lines and Millie's Closet is fab . My favorite is the cheater cloth. Its like a charm pack all sewn up for me.

It was so easy peasy. Half of the work was done for me.
I called this one Millie's Cathedral for Lori's fabric line (Millie's Closet) and for the cathedral window look to the piecing.

You can find our tutorial for this quilt here

What do you think ladies?

Of course I have to show the back. I love

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Janome Event Embroider Your Own Towel

The Quilt Barn has a great event going on today. We have a Janome Specialist in store today, Katy. She will be showing off the Horizon Memory Craft 12000.

Come in today until 6 and you can make a redowrk tea towel for free. This is the one Amy made.
There are lots of patterns to choose from.
We had a preview yesterday and got to play around on the 12000 and boy is it fun. Come on in, I have a tea towel just for you!


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Monday, July 9, 2012

Aliens and Robots Pillow and Quilt

We got in this book in by Nancy Halverson, Curiosities and Mischief. I think I squeaked when I saw all the fun projects in it. Even though I have 3 girls I had to make some of projects.
Like this robot raw edge applique pillow. I added a baby piping to the edge. He is so stinkin' cute. There is a monsters pillow that I want to make next.

Next up was the squares quilt. While I couldn't use the fabrics she did I loved the colors so I picked from her color palette.

The alien fabric was my starting inspiration. I knew I wanted to use that somewhere in the quilt.
I thought about a spaceships quilting pattern but Amy suggested cogs. I am so glad I went with the cogs. Can you see it?
Of course we sold out of the book before I finished these shop samples. I will still display them and hopefully we will get more books in.

And what am I going to do with these when they can retire? Give them so a friend if she is having a boy.  And I hope it is so I can sew up using more fun boy fabrics

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Correction and Gratitude

I am always thrilled when I see we have comments. It means a lot that you take the time to leave feedback.I am also thankful for when you point out corrections.
I misnamed a quilt shop in my Shop Hop series. Thanks to the reader who pointed this out so I could go back and fix it.
Here is the
Have a great weekend! I hope it isn't too hot and you get to enjoy yourselves.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Appleville Toothbrush Roll Up Tutorial

Not a terribly exciting picture. How does one take an exciting picture of a face cloth toothbrush roll up?
My middle daughter was getting ready to go to her grandmother's for the week and I realized she didn't have a little bag to put her toiletries in.  Seeing as she is 8 and didnt have too many things to pack save a toothbrush I came up with a little roll up.

What you need:

standard facecloth
23" of ribbon or trim of some sort for tie
sewing machine and thread

Here is what I did:

-fold the facecloth up leaving 3 inches at the top. Pin in a few spots along the side
-tuck the ribbon in the open left side 4" from the bottom and pin
-sew up both sides using a 1/2 seam catching the ribbon in the seam
-I fussy cut an Appleville rectangle and raw edge sewed it along the outside top of the facecloth (make sure the applique does not go below you pocket. If your applique is bigger then sew it on first)
-sew a line from the bottom to the top of the pocket. I eyeballed 3 lines evenly spaced and created 4 pockets.

Here you can see the outside of the roll up.

Tuck the toothbrush and  toothpaste in the pockets. You could also stick  hotel size lotion, sunscreen, or soap in there. My oldest daughter has braces and I want to make one for her elastics and cleaners.

Roll up the face cloth from right to left and wind the ribbon around and tuck the end under the wraps. Done. Super simple.

Of course, I now feel the need to make one of these for every person I know. They're kind of addictive.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Appleville Zippered Pouch

Our sale has kept us hopping this week but I wanted to pop in and show you the second small project I made using the Appleville panel.

I made a zippered pouch using this tutorial from Noodlehead, the Scrappy Make Up Pouch Tutorial.

Noodlehead some some realy great free tutorials. A few of the other tutorials are on my list.
I made the mistake of sewing a little too close to the zipper teeth so my pouch isn't as easy to open as I would like.  I would definently make another of these versatile pouches but I would be a little more generous with my seam along the zipper.

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