Monday, July 30, 2012

Petunia Bag by Izzy and Ivy

A customer came into the shop and was carrying a bag I just had to make. I recognized it but never would have looked twice at it because of the fabrics in the picture. The fabric she used was perfect. We carry the pattern and the fabric?! Done.

I am not a bag maker (but maybe I can call myself one now after 4 bags in 2 weeks). I have made a few (the Sun and Surf Tote) so I was worried that this pattern would be out of my comfort zone. Once all the cutting out was done (and there is a lot) the sewing up part went smoothly and it came together nicely.

So, a big thank-you to that customer and her fantastic bag for inspiring me to make one too.

Pattern: Izzy and Ivy Petunia Bag
Fabric: Urban Cowgirl Plaid in Cornbread

I have finished the comic book messenger bag too and will share it this week. I am calling July Bag Month. I need some quilt inspiration to get me back to quilting.

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  1. Love the bag!I just did my first bag...Amy Butler's I think I should tackle this next, don't you?