High quality machine quilting - timely and affordable!

Our quilting continues to be featured in popular quilting books and magazines.  Our work has also been displayed at the last 2 International Quilt Markets.


Our beautiful affordable quilting patterns will make your quilt come to life!  All quilting is done on our two computerized Gammill Quilting Machines.  From the moment we receive your quilt top,  we treat it as our own.  It is quilted with care and returned to you within 3-4 weeks.

Press your quilt top.  When in doubt, press seams toward the darker fabric.  Your backing fabric can be purchased from our shop with a 10% discount.  We carry a variety of wide backings and minky.  You are also welcome to mail your backing with your quilt.  Please do not send batting (see next section).  Print our machine quilting form and mail it with your quilt.  FOR A PRINT VERSION OF THIS FORM - CLICK HERE 

If using US Postal Service, please mail your quilt to:

Quilt Barn                                                         For Magic Valley Quilt Drop Off, call
Attn: Heather Cartwright                                 Carol Morgan at (208) 420-9387 for drop
PO Box 844                                                      off address and appointment.
Emmett, ID 83617

If using UPS, please mail your quilt to:

Quilt Barn
Attn:  Heather Cartwright
2545 S Johns Ave
Emmett, ID 83617

Upon receiving your quilt, we will call you within 24 hours to discuss pattern and batting options.


High quality batting is provided at a very competitive price, so there is no need to mail it with your quilt top.  We are a Pellon dealer and we sell high quality batting at a better price than our local chain fabric stores.   We have learned that not all batting is created equal, so to keep our maintenance costs down, and your machine quilting costs down, we ask that you do not bring your own batting. We have not increased our machine quilting prices since 2008.  SO...All batting must be purchased at our studio for machine quilting.  ALL PRICES ARE LISTED PER YARD.

1/8 loft, washable, 3-5% shrinkage                     Bleached White  96" wide  $12.99/yd    120"  $14.99/yd
                                                                             Natural Cotton   96" wide  $11.99/yd     120"  $13.99/yd

80/20 COTTON/POLY BLEND                           96" wide  $10.99/yd              120"  $12.99/yd
1/4" loft, washable, minimal shrinkage

1/4" loft, washable, 3-5% shrinkage                     96" wide  $15.99/yd              120"  $17.99/yd


6 oz  1/4" thick            $5.99/yd
9 oz  3/8" thick            $6.59/yd
12 oz 1/2" thick           $6.99/yd

Which batting should you choose?

If you like the look of a crinkly washed quilt, use cotton batting.  Cotton batting shrinks slightly more than the fabric does, so it gives you the vintage "crinkly" quilt look.  Nothing finishes a vintage quilt like hand quilting...but if you can't hand quilt those antique quilts, the next best thing is a tiny stipple with cotton batting!

If you want a thin, lightweight quilt and do not want it to "crinkle" when you wash it, 80/20 is the perfect choice.  The 20% poly will keep it from shrinking like cotton.

If you like some loft, choose a poly.  Just remember, thick batting may limit the quilting patterns you have to choose from.  Poly is very warm and the best choice if your quilt have minky or flannel on the back.

If you want to fall in love with the best batting in the world, give wool a try!  It is super lightweight and breathes like cotton.  It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It gives a soft drapey finish to any quilt and is my absolute go-to.  Machine wash and dry.


There are literally thousands of quilting patterns to choose from!  Open, widely spaced patterns work best with puffy batting.  Otherwise, the sky is the limit!

If you don't see something you like, feel free to browse the following sites and submit a pattern suggestion with your quilt top:              


Quilting costs start at just $48.00 for a baby quilt and is calculated per square inch.  It starts at 1 1/2 cents per square inch and is dependent on the pattern you choose.  Minimum quilting charge is set at $48 due to the time it takes to load and unload the quilt.

1.5 cent patterns - No more than 3 inches between quilting
2.0 cent patterns - No more than 1.5 inches between quilting
2.5 cent patterns - No more than 3/4 inch between quilting


Piecing a backing  $10
Other piecing        $20/hour
Center quilt on backing  $10

Ironing   -prices quoted after viewing the quilt


Under 2000 square inches   $25
2001 - 4000 square inches   $35
4001 - 6000 square inches   $45
6001 - 8000 square inches   $55
8001 - 10,000 square inches  $65
above 10,000 square inches  $75

Rush my quilt - Quilt will be in the mail within 72 hours of receipt.

Regular Rush   $50   Quilts submitted Jan-Oct
Holiday Rush  $100  Quilts submitted Nov-Dec

Rush service will not be offered from December 15th - January 1