Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fairy Tale Sailboats

The Sailboat Quilt is finally finished and hanging in the store.
As soon as I saw the free pattern on Moda Bakeshop I knew I had to make this quilt. Oliver & S' fabric line City Weekend was perfect for it. The border fabric looks like waves.
I am a big fan of the designer of the pattern, Penny, from Sew Take a Hike. Thanks to Penny for another great paper piecing project.

Her paper pieced pop bottles are on my To Sew List.

We liked this quilt so much we made some kits for you. For those of you who tell us there arent enough boy quilts...this one is for you.

We have some Tutorials and more Show and Tell coming up for you in the coming weeks. We are super excited.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BSU Quilt

I thought I had better take a picture of this quilt before it disappeared. It is hot off the long arm and needs to be bound and then is destined to be a gift. I gotta be quick this time of year if I want to get pictures of projects before they get put in the mail.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Scotty Dog

Jenele was at it again, a super cute project to share with us this week. The Scotty Dog uses one charm pack. The pattern is a bonus project on Denyse Schmidt's Stacking the Odds quilt pattern

There was even enough left over from the one charm pack to make a couple of pot holders.

Have you ever had a load of projects and a deadline but managed to find a new project that distracted you? Just me? I have a Christmas gift list a mile long to work on but decided on a whim to crank out 9 Magic Burrito Pillowcases on Saturday. I think I am going to make 3 more. Why not.
Do you have a Christmas To Sew List?

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quilt Sample Sale...Part 2

The first 2 days of our First Annual Sample Sale was a crazy success. Thanks to so many of you for coming out and buying our quilts. Its all we can talk about.
 We all went home and found more things to bring in for the sale this week. I took some pictures to show you a few of the quilts. Many of these you will have seen hanging in our store at some point.
Above is a Grandmother's Garden.

The Poppy Quilt that everyone asks us for the pattern and there isnt one.

Ruched baby Quilt.

 Jenele's sample for the popular quilt as you go class.

Super cute, right?

The black one was in our Halloween window display.

 We also have table runners and wall hangings.

Warm flannel quilts.
Come on in and check out our other quilts. And say HI!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sample Sale at The Quilt Barn

Here at The Quilt Barn we are often asked if the store samples are for sale. Well, now is the one time of the year when we sell our store samples.
Just in time for the Holidays you can purchase a finished quilt for yourself or for gift giving.

Prices are great, the cost of fabrics and machine quilting only.
Quilts will be displayed in the classroom for purchase this week only. 

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seuss Pillowcases

Lori brought in her Seuss pillowcases this week.  She made 12 in all.

This line has been wildly popular. Lori used the 'magic burrito method' when making her pillowcases. It can be found here.  She highly recommends this technique.

I love the polka dots on the edge of this pillowcase. And the little yellow band. Nice touch don't you think?
Its been a pretty good week for blogging.  With all of us here gearing up for the holidays there will be lots to share with you.

Meanwhile I am working away at The Quilt Barn's new website for online sales. Its pretty awesome. Maybe you can help me out and suggest topics for next week's blogging. What would you like to see? Have any questions? Class suggestions? What are you making for Christmas? Barn Chics want to know.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Secret Garden Apron

Lori brought in one of her finished projects, The Lori Apron. How cute to have an apron pattern with your name. Apparently there is also an Amy apron and a Judy apron.
She used Secret Garden for the main part of the apron. Such a cute line.
I am slowly making headway with the Kaleidoscope Quilt using this line. Anyone else make anything with Secret Garden? I want to see!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Apples

 We lurve Little Apples. Between us here we have made 3 quilts with it. I have a few of the white fat quarters and I am wondering what to make with them.
Jenele made this one. She riffed off Aneela Hooey Crazy Scrappy Quilt from her blog Comforstitching.
Have you made anything with Little Apples?
Dont forget about our Flickr Group. You can share your quilts and other projects with everyone there. We love to see what you are making.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Watermelon Days

May I present "Watermelon Days" (trumpets sounding).
Heather found this pattern and fell in love with it. So did a few other Barn Chics. Heather, Lori and Amy each made up one of these quilts and now we have kits available for you too.
This lovely watermelon quilt was sewn up by Amy and it is hanging in The Quilt Barn if you want to check it out.
Our Halloween/Fall windows are being dismantled and slowly Christmas decorations are being brought out. Some special projects are being made up this week as we speak to spice up the windows. Themes have been discussed and we are getting excited. Window dressing is really fun. We pool all our treasures together and come up with something really great. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winky Stars

Monday's are a great day because sometimes Barn Chics will bring in finished projects. Today it was Jenele (Lori has some projects that she is bringing in this week too!).
Jenele got to play around with the long arm and free motion quilted up this cute little wonky start quilt. I typed 'winky' first. Maybe for the coming season it should be winky. Sounds Christmassy.
She really put in the effort and quilted each block and center. Me, I just do a loopy edge to edge. Jenele is an 'attention to detail' quilter.
This quilt is for The Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild's Quilts for The Community Drive. They are hoping for 50 this year.
What did you work on this weekend?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Mini Quilts!

Today is Mini Quilt Day over at Amylouwho. Its a link party so go on over and check out all the mini quilts that bloggers are showing off.
I am sharing a mini dress quilt I made from a kit I bought at The Quilt Barn years ago. It was my first mini quilt.

I have another kit for this (different fabrics) but I have since lost the pattern. That poor little kit. Someday.

A did a demo at The Modern Quilt Guild on mug rugs and this is what i made up to show the members what a mug rug could look like. I have since decided that it is a hot coco and cookies rug for one of my daughters.

Have you made a mini quilt?

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Fabric Friday

Its Fabric Friday! Heather is so excited about a new line that just came in, Soleil Denim by Michaeil Miller.

I am thinking that nautical, beachy colors are going to be big next year and this fits right in. Now, for pattern inspiration. Any thoughts?

 This one really appeals to me. I bet it would make cute pillows. So chic.

 Heather has been meeting with the fabric reps this week, fresh back from Quilt Market in Houston. She has been ordering up a storm. I'm itching to know what she ordered.
 I do know that she is going to be ordering the whole Flea Market Fancy Line. Denyse Schmidt is  reprinting a limited Flea Market Fancy collection for January 2012, and a whole new collection of prints for FreeSpirit in Spring 2012.
And a book! We are titching in anticipation already.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scarves and Mittens

Do you knit? I do not. I wish I did. I once thought I could teach myself to knit (cause I taught myself to quilt). I thought I would start by teaching myself socks. Stop laughing.
Heather made this scarf using Rozetti Marina yarn. Its crazy cute!

 Here is another scarf in the work. Can you see how the yarn pulls apart to the right? I've been told it is super easy.

A couple of the Barn Chicks stocked up on these colorful yummies to make for Christmas presents. One scarf costs 5.99!

Maybe if I can't teach myself to knit I can teach myself to make mittens. These (made by our knitting Queen Judy) fit me perfectly. I need to make 2 pairs for each of my girls and 2 pair for me. Thats 8 pairs of mittens. No problem. 

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Deadline and a Show-n-Tell

First, if you are wanting a quilt quilted for a Christmas deadline it needs to be here at The Quilt Barn by November 15. Any quilts dropped off after that may not get done by Christmas!!

Now the Show-n-Tell. A bunch of us made pincushion frames last night. It was so much fun. The Bead shop next door made up cute little kits so we could make our own pins too.
The sweet birdie pincushion was made by Jenele.

This one is a present so I am not going to say who made it. But isnt the Morocan theme great!

Heather Ross squid by me, Tara.

Homemade pins and pincushion made by Heather and Hallie.
That is just a sampling of the pincushions we made. I think I will be making a few more for presents.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pincushion Class Reminder

I wanted to remind you all about the Pincushion class here at The Quilt Barn tomorrow, Thursday November 3 from 6-7:00
A bunch of us Barn Chics will be here taking the class and making presents for Christmas. You should join us and we will have a blast!

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