Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scarves and Mittens

Do you knit? I do not. I wish I did. I once thought I could teach myself to knit (cause I taught myself to quilt). I thought I would start by teaching myself socks. Stop laughing.
Heather made this scarf using Rozetti Marina yarn. Its crazy cute!

 Here is another scarf in the work. Can you see how the yarn pulls apart to the right? I've been told it is super easy.

A couple of the Barn Chicks stocked up on these colorful yummies to make for Christmas presents. One scarf costs 5.99!

Maybe if I can't teach myself to knit I can teach myself to make mittens. These (made by our knitting Queen Judy) fit me perfectly. I need to make 2 pairs for each of my girls and 2 pair for me. Thats 8 pairs of mittens. No problem. 

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