Monday, May 31, 2010

A new chapter...

I can't believe Logan graduated from High School this weekend! Whether I'm ready or not, here comes a new phase of life for Doug & I. It's so odd to think that he'll be off to school soon and starting a new chapter in his own life. How will he ever make it without me micromanaging his decisions? ;-) Who am I joking? He cut the apron strings a long time ago and he can hardly wait to enter "the real world" where responsibilities are minimal and freedom abounds! I asked my sister how long it takes after they go off to college that they begin to realize how good they had it at home. She said, "About 2 weeks, when they run out of underwear and get tired of ramen noodles." Since Logan has been doing his own laundry for years, and is an impressive sous chef, I may not hear from him for months! :-O

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