Thursday, December 8, 2011

Monogram Gift Tag Tutorial

I showed you these tag lovlies last week and said I would have a tutorial for you.
In a pinch (like I was) and need a gift tag? Or not in a pinch. These are so quick to whip up and you can pilfer from your scraps.

You will need scraps of fabric for:
the white background
the backing fabric
the monogram and the hanger
a scrap of batting

Spray Baste

Cut the backing, white front, and batting approx 5x5". Using spray baste layer the 3 pieces like a quilt sandwich.
Free hand cut out the letter you are wanting (seriously, it's not that hard). Spray baste that on the front of the square sandwich.
Sew close to the outer edge of the letter securing it in place.
Quilt a few, random lines across the square sandwich.
Trim to the desired size. This one ended up being 4x4"
Using your tag scrap fold over the long edge and iron (see the red piece to the left in the pic above). The hanger is approx 5" long and finished 1/2" wide. Sew a line down the open side and trim

Loop the hanger and pin to the back. Sew a few times across the hanger to secure it.

Voila. Now go make 20 for your closest and dearest friends and family. Or just make a few, like I did.

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