Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Signature Quilt

I have always wanted to make a signature quilt. I have a small family so it wouldn't be too hard. We got this lovely vintage signature quilt int he shop on consignment and it has inspired me to move forward with my won quilt.

I am thinking it is from the 40's. Anyone know more about dating quilts?

Its has 12 blocks with a pick stitched name and 4 half blocks at the top (no names).

We all read over the names and marveled at the tiny stitches.
We are all fans of orange and the sherbet background was appreciated.

All hand quilted.
Thanks to Laura for another lovely quilt photo shoot.
I have listed this quilt in our etsy shop and it can also be purchased in our store. The consignors proceeds go to The Mustard Seed in Twin Falls.

And a big thanks to everyone who entered our Sew Mama Sew Giveaway and left comments for us. We asked what you would like us to look at, photograph, do while at Quilt Market and blog about. We will be having a post Market Giveaway too so watch for that next week

The winner is Sarcastic Quilter. Congratulations. I will be emailing you for your address


  1. My grandma made a signature quilt many, many years ago. I wonder what happened it, I should ask my last remaining aunt...thanks for reminding me of my grandma today!

  2. This is a beautiful vintage quilt Heather!

  3. another good find for mustard seed