Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hexie Placemat Tutorial

Are you on Instagram? Heather and I are addicted. Its a free app on your phone and if you haven't checked it out yet you should. We follow many wonderful quilters and I was recently inspired by @elnorac. She embellished placemats with hexies. You know I just had to jump on board.

This was an easy an quick project. I created a design board for the shop and here are a few pics of the process

I laid out paper hexies  (I used 1" papers) on my placemat to determine how many would fit. I had leftover jelly roll ends and cut them to 2.5" squares

Sew up your hexies using your favorite method

Sew them end to end as long as is needed for your placemat

Take out the paper, iron flat, and pin the strip to the side of the placemat. Sew close to the edge all the way around the sides.

Voila, placemats! I am wanting to make some Christmas mats now, this was such a fun project.

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  1. great idea with a row of hexies on placemats!

  2. They are very cute! I haven’t thought about making my own!