Friday, February 7, 2014

Flash Sale Friday

Heather had a great idea this morning. We talked about how flash sales are so much fun and we should have one. She suggested we have one every Friday and will last a week or until the items are sold out.

Our first flash sale is on wool squares. You get 14 10" squares (7 different colors/patterns)

I really like them all rolled up like this, so pretty.

We have them in our shop and in our Etsy store

I couldn't just throw out the little bits so I tied them into a loose pompom. Cause why not.

Have you seen the Mid Century Modern furniture we have in our windows right now? I borrowed this funky vintage tv. So cool. It would be fun to fit it with a new tv and be able to use it.

Check back every Friday for our latest flash sale. Do you have a request for our next sale? What would you like to see on sale?

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