Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Scrap Jar Stars Guild Quilt

Last year our small Modern Guild swapped blocks using a free tutorial from A Little Bit Biased,  Scrap Jar Stars.

Each person was given one color (I was green), they made 12 of that color blocks, then we swapped and ended up with 12 different colors blocks.

I joined my blocks without sashing, creating a simple 4 patch. You can also add sashing a create a 9 patch block.  Trina decided to make her quilt bigger and is making more blocks on her own.

My green block.

There was a little trouble with differing quarter inch blocks (some blocks were up to a half inch bigger or smaller than others. I found I needed to use a very scant quarter inch to make the block square up to the stated size. It might be helpful to make a tester block first.

I machine quilted this one myself as I had easy lines to follow and it wasn't too big to wrangle on my home machine. And yes, one block was put together with a rotated section. I didn't fix it but kept it because it reminds me of the lady who made it.

I recently finished a king size quilt (I will share soon) and there was no way I was quilting that one myself. Heather did a great job and used a new to her pattern that worked out great.

Need a quilt quilted? Heather can also do your binding for you. Check out this page for details and great pricing. I know some people think a king size quilt would cost and arm and a leg but Heather's pricing scale is great.

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