Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amy and I are in New Jersey this week becoming "Janome Certified". So, far, after 2 days of intense training, we are so happy with decision to become a Janome Dealer and are excited to come home and show you all the amazing features unique to the Janome line!

Monday we spent the day learning all the amazing features and functions of the brand new Horizon 7700. I am now fully convinced that this machine can also be called Lexi, because it is the Lexus of all sewing machines!

The accufeed system feeds the fabric through the foot and feed dogs in perfect sync, making the decorative stitches come out perfectly every time. I'm also extremely excited for the release of the Quilt Binding Foot next month. I watched it with my own eyes - it can bind a quilt in 1 step! And... the first photo shows the size of the monogram stitches - a full 7mm!

Yesterday, we were introduced to the world of embroidery. Since it was the first time either of us had ever embroidered in our lives, the rest of the class was convinced we'd been living in a cave. We are giving them such a great first impression of Idaho! ;-) Today, we are off to certify on the Digitizer software to create and customize our own embroidery images. With any luck, we will have the Quilt Barn logo embroidered on anything and everything by next week. Just kidding!

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