Monday, February 20, 2012

Quilt Barn Vintage Vibe

 If you have been to The Quilt Barn then you know that Heather has a great eye for vintage.
One of my favorites is the white hutch that houses wool and embroidery items.

The wool display is pretty darn cute too. This area is about to grow and move to another section of the store.
I would like those chicken nesting boxes for my sewing room.
And one of my favorite things in the store, a green vintage sewing machine. Not sure if it works but who cares.
I have been messing around with the slideshow on our web site, The Quilt Barn, so I have been trying my hand at photography. Anyone local good at photography and want to show me how its really done (photography, that is)?
Hayden and I are researching light boxes and designing a spot to take clear bright pictures of our fabric for the website. Do you have any advice?
This is so exciting!

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