Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Quilt

I am really in a Valentine mood this year. It doesn't hurt that red is one of my favorite colors. I wandered the store and grabbed some of my favorite red and pink fat quarters.

I cut two sizes of hearts out of the cardboard from charm packs (I always save them and the layer cake cardboard for either templates or for the girls to draw on while I am sewing). And cut our 2 sizes from each fat quarter.
I layed out a length of white fabric and cut it to a length I thought looked like a crib size. I folded it in half to mark a middle crease and then free handed a large heart shape with the amazing marking pen we have that disappears with heat.
I spray based 2 or 3 hearts at a time and then machine appliqued them using a blanket stitch and red variegated thread. I kept going until I had covered the large heart shape on the white fabric.
I spray basted and bent pinned the top, backing and batting and outlined most of the hearts with a red perle cotton. I then free motion quilted the random hearts on the white backing. I have been practising my free motion quilting. I started with a loopy swirl but it looked terrible so I picked it out and went with the hearts. They were were so much easier.
The binding is a solid red from French General.

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