Friday, April 20, 2012

Quilter Profile-Tara

 I put a call out for quilter submissions and haven't received any yet. You can still submit something. I would love to write a bog post about you and your quilts.
So, I am going to show you some of my favorite quilts. I picked up the photos from my blog, tinyglutton.
The first quilt is a modified dresden quilt. I took my inspiration from the book, Material Obsessions. I needle turned the circles on to solid green squares.
I call the long arm quilting "Denyse Schmidt figure eights". 
I use this one everyday on my bed.

This is a Denyse Schmidt pattern, Single Girl. I used an out of print fabric also by her, Katie Jump Rope.
The piecing isn't too difficult but the prep is killer. It has a lot of templates to cut out and keep organized.
As you can see it doesn't have binding yet.
I made another Single Girl quilt out of vintage sheets and it needs binding too. Really Tara, get those bound.

Gee, another Denyse Schmidt Quilt. This one is Hills and Hollars and uses her Hope Valley line. This one is huge, maybe my biggest one. It is folded away in my closet. I wonder why. I should rotate a few quilts.
So, I am noticing a trend with my favorite quilts. Interesting.
I am making another Material Obsession quilt using some of her re-released Flea Market Fancy. I think this one may take a while. I have quite a few projects going. I can't seem to start and finish a project before starting a new one. 

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