Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remember This Quilt?

 Remember this quilt? The kits sold like crazy. So we bundled up some other flannel colors and have 4 new kits in store, in the webstore and on etsy.

The orange and grey is my favorite. You can find it in our etsy store.

Green and tan. Etsy listing

A mustard and slate blue here .

Plum and tan/brown here

We know a lot of you are looking for masculine quilts and, I think,  this fits the bill.


  1. Will you be offering any more of these kits? I know this is an old post but keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. We have kits made from flannels designed by Amy Butler's husband, David. They are very masculine and gorgeous made into that quilt. If you would like one, I can send you a paypal invoice. Just let me know! I will email you a picture of the fabrics.


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  3. I just found this on Pinterest. I checked out your Etsy store and didn't see anymore kits like this. Are you still making them up? I am interested in finding out how big this quilt is as well to make a decision.