Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy February! The Best Month of the Year!

February has rolled around and it was time for a new window!  Tara and I put together a Valentine's Day theme (no surprise there!)  Love is in the air...even at The Quilt Barn!

Tara made this very playful and fun Mad Hat quilt, pattern from the Quilted Fish!  She used different teal and pink fabric around the store.  Including, Vintage Modern, Flirt, and Flea Market Fancy!  Aren't those pompoms awesome!

I worked on a pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew called Pow Wow.  It was such a fun simple pattern that I was able to finish in a weekend!  I also picked a pink and teal color pallet but I threw in a bit of green because green is the best color of all colors!

This quilt I made using Marmalade flannel charm squares and creamy white yardage.  I was inspired by a pattern in the book Modern Designs for Classic Quilts which is a book that the Quilt Barn carries. I think the colors are just so fresh and clean!

Yep, that was a pictures overload!  But come stop by and check out our window in person!  And enjoy the best month of the year!


  1. All those quilts are so great! I especially love the hats! I wish I lived close enough to visit your shop!

  2. All these quilts are great! I especially love the hats! I wish I lived close enough to visit your shop :)

  3. i have the pow wow pattern and i have been meaning to make it for forever! i have been craving quilt sewing. it feels like it has been forever since i have finished or even started a quilt!