Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rain Drop Quilt Window Display

My raindrop window is all done. It was so much fun to put together and think of things to make for my raindrop theme.

You can also see the selvege head board above my pillows
I had this quilt pattern in my head since Tula Pink's book came out. I tried to match it as close to the photo in the book.  There was lots of fabric left over so I also made the pillow case from the book.

I made the cloud pillow from Moda's paper lined fabric and vintage blue dots. The raindrop pillow is a quilter's linen. As soon as our new website is up and running (within in month!) I will make the patterns for the cloud and raindrop pillow available for free download. I can't wait to have our pdfs working.

I cut out large raindrops and created a rainfall at the end of the bed. I taped clear thread to the ceiling and the floor and taped raindrops (a piece for front and back) along the thread.

Heather used black batting. I have never used black batting before, it was kind of neat to see. The backing and top are black/grey and she thought the white batting might get pulled up a bit and show. Good call. She quilted a tight swirly pattern, like the wind and storm clouds.

I tried taking pictures last week but they all turned out poorly. Big thanks to Laura for saving me and taking pictures.

I am almost done a second project (and its one of the classes being taught) from the Adorn it book. We are so excited about this big event. If you haven't already pop on over to the Adorn It blog post.

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