Monday, June 10, 2013

Quilt Barn in is a Magazine!!

Quilt Barn is in a magazine, Homespun (an Australian magazine). And it is all thanks to (I think), Pinterest.

I posted a picture of the tree carving quilt I made for my mom and it went wild on Pinterest .  We get many emails about the quilt, if there is a pattern or tutorial. We did put these quilts up in our etsy shop for custom listings and are thinking about creating a pdf pattern.

The (even nicer) quilt shown in the magazine is one Heather made as I had gifted the original to my mom.

I am very excited especially the nice story they included with the photo. That's my name and my mom! Big thanks to Homespun for including us!! Now, to find a few copies. One for me, my mom , and Heather. Has anyone seen Homespun in stores?

And sorry for the iphone screen shot. I am having trouble using the photos they sent us. I will replace it when I figure it out.


  1. If you get stuck I live in Australia and could get you a copy! Congrats!

  2. I just got back from Australia and picked up a few back issues on my trip. I can have a look at them and see if your quilt mention is in any of them. Do you happen to know which issue it was in?
    I've found it nearly impossible to get the magazine for a non ridiculous amount here in Canada other than getting the digital subscription, but if you have any luck please let me know.

    1. Thanks Alli! I am going to hunt for some copies today and will let you know if we find some.

  3. Yay!!! Congratulations. :0)
    You must be over the moon!

  4. The easiest and cheapest way for North Americans to buy copies of Australian Homespun is buy a digital copy from The issue that features this quilt is June 2013, Vol 14 No 6 (issue #121).
    The North American distributor of hard/print copies is They sell them for $12.95 per issue (the newsstand price in Australia is A$9.95) if you're just wanting to buy a single issue rather than a subscription. They don't have this particular issue available on their website as yet, but I anticipate that it will be there before the end of June 2013.

    Megan Fisher
    Technical Editor
    Australian Homespun

    1. That's fantastic. Thanks for the info and I will definitely be checking it out