Monday, July 29, 2013

Hexie Progress

I figured out what to do with the hexie flowers I was making with my mini charm packs. After I sew together the 6 color and one lighter center I remove the paper, iron flat, and sew the flower on a 7" square.

I might trim the square down at bit so the flowers are closer together. I just couldn't bring myself to making the boring spacer hexies.

I have made 90 of the 120 blocks I am planning on making (10 blocks X 12 blocks). Thats 840 hexies. Not bad. I might make it bigger. I swore no lap quilts this year (they don't cover toes).

I do know if I like the idea of borders on this to make it bigger. What do you think? 154 flowers would make it a twin (1078 hexies). 

I should have been keeping track of what lines I am using. I picked up some not yet released mini charms while at Quilt Market and have used all the ones out that I like (minus the Christmas and Halloween ones).

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  1. These are wonderful! I am so tempted to do this with my hexies because I just can't bring myself to make white ones to set them with! It's so much more fun to make colorful ones!

    1. I'm with you, the white hexies would have bored me to death and it would have sat as a UFO too long

  2. Gorgeous I love all the fabrics and colours. I'm making a quilt with hexies too and decided to go down this path too. I just don't think I could make anymore hexies to join them all up together. Just a question did you baste your hexies to the fabric or just pinned and sewed around them. My quilt shop suggested spray basting them onto the background fabric so they don't pucker and move while sewing around them. Haven't tried it yet.

    1. I ironed the flower flat after I took out the paper. I then folded the background square in half and in half the other way to create center creases. This way I could line up the flower and center it.
      I used applique pins and pinned every outside hexie.
      I sewed it down with a regular stitch close to the edge.
      I haven't had any problem with them shifting while sewing.
      happy Sewing!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through the pin of your hexies on pinterest. I love it and have added you to my Feedly feed. LOVE this idea of not having to do all the white. I may have to borrow your idea! Thanks for sharing.