Monday, July 15, 2013

Playing with My New Serger

Last month I finally bought a Serger. I have wanted one for years but, to be honest, I was afraid of them. It has 4 needles and they were bound to run out of thread. Then what? And then I found out you can change the feet. What!? What if I had to unpick a seam? Can you do that?

My Janome came out of the box already threaded.  Brilliant. Of course, one of the threads will run out much fast than the others. Using the very helpful color coded diagrams on the machine I successfully re-threaded it.

I have made several projects (all without reading the manual. I will. Probably) including this tank top.

And yes, you can easily pick out a mistake seam

I can't remember the pattern, sorry. If you really want to know I can dig through my sewing room for you. I used some vintage fabric, denim, and a pearl button

I haven't figured out changing my foot over to the rolled hem so I just sewed a serged edge.
Not bad.

If you are thinking about getting a serger get one. I love mine. You just have to dive in and start sewing and figure out as you go. And maybe read the manual.