Thursday, August 8, 2013

#Contest - Name our New Retreat Center!

Our new retreat center is open and has already been enjoyed by several groups!  We've had so many requests for pictures and info, I thought I'd share...

First things first... we toyed with the idea of calling this one "The Coop", since our first retreat center is "The Hen House".  I'm not sure I love it.  Maybe since coop rhymes with chicken poop - I don't know.  So, what better way to finalize the name of our new retreat center than with a #CONTEST and #GIVEAWAY!!!

Submit a your name idea via blog comment, instagram @thequiltbarn or twitter @quiltbarnidaho
If we choose your name, you win a $100 Gift Certificate to our store (Store, Online, or Etsy)  Here are some photos to help you out...
The kitchen is my favorite room, hands down.  It makes me want to give my own kitchen a giant makeover.  One of these days (hopefully the near future) there will be gorgeous aqua and grey glass tile back splash behind that gorgeous farmhouse sink! 

Plenty of seating in the dining room...
Four bedrooms with 3 twin size beds each.  Four fun fabric themes.  Four fun wall colors.  Here are 2 of them... By the time your group gets here, they will have decorations on the walls and fun window dressings.  :-)

Each set of rooms is connected by this fabulous "Jack 'n Jill" bathroom.  So each bedroom has it's own Tub/Shower/toilet and this vanity to share.

We call this room our "Designer Suite".  When we bring in a designer to teach a weekend class, this is her "pad".  When you put together a retreat for your group, doesn't only make sense that the coordinator gets this room?  :-)  It has a private bathroom and is wheelchair accessible.

Our giant workroom is AMAZING!  We really like to think we thought of everything.  Fantastic lighting, ergonomic sewing chairs, huge sturdy tables, outlets on the ceiling with powerstrips that drop right onto your table (no cords to trip on), 3 huge design walls, buffet counter with mini fridge, TV with DVDs and streaming capability for Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix,  ironing station with lots of extra portable ironing boards, 2 cutting stations with giant cutting mats, and unlimited use of our Accuquilt Studio Die Cut Machine with 50 die cuts!  The groups that have already been here are torn with the idea of laying carpet in this big room, or painting the cement.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

While you are here, everyone in your group enjoys 20% off all regularly priced merchandise in our Store.  The Quilt Barn is over 6500 square feet of textile deliciousness housed in a 105 year old Historical Building with original hardwood floors and intricate tin ceilings...

Give us advanced notice and we will machine quilt your quilt tops while you are here with one of our computerized Gammill Long Arms.
We offer a large selection of reasonably priced classes, mini-classes, and demos and would love to put together customized project kits for your group.

So, what are you waiting for?  Treat yourself!  Prices are amazing - now booking 2014.  Aug - Oct 2013 FULL.  Limited availability in November/December 2013.

Pricing for 2014:

Groups of 6 or less:  $300/night - minimum 2 nights
Groups of 6-12:       $600/night - minimum 2 nights
Groups of 12 +        $800/night - minimum 2 nights

Food packages available:

Lunch/Dinner  $25 per person per day
All Meals        $35 per person per day

Located in Kimberly, Idaho
241 Main Street N. 
(208) 423-5092


See you soon!


  1. I think it should be The Roost. Gorgeous!

  2. I honestly think there's no better name than The Bee Hive. It goes well with The Hen House, and Sunnyincal came up with a good one! The only other name I can come up with is The Hay Loft, but I still think Bee Hive rules ;)

  3. My thoughts - I wish ID was closer to AZ!! That's a gorgeous facility and what especially caught my eye was the workroom. I think you should call it the "Hatchin' House" where ideas are born every day....

    I'm just sayin'

  4. It looks like a fun place! I'd call it the Thread Shed, the Quilting Parlor, or the Quilting Coop.

  5. How about "Chicken Scratch" for all the quilting and sewing?
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  6. I think I would call it "The Quilt Coop"
    Laurel Dillman

  7. Hi,I'd name it "Quilters Haven".

  8. Ohhh! I want to come to enjoy your retreat house... Nice! Since you're the Quilt Barn, what about something with a Barn/Farm/Ranch reference? Quilt Shed, The Bunk House, Granary, Quilt Corral...

  9. How about the Egg Atelier!! :D

  10. WOW...I wish I could visit your beautiful retreat! How about The Stitchers Loft. anglanouette at gmail dot dom

  11. I think just calling it The Farmhouse would be great.

  12. I have a few ideas - Pullet Pad, Co-op Quilts (takes the coop rhyming with poop out of it!), Hen Den, Scratch Pad. Looks like a fabulous retreat!

  13. What about The Grainary? That's what my MIL called her darling retreat on the family farm. What a gorgeous place! You've thought of everything! Now if I can just get my daughters, DILS and granddaughters to pick one weekend! Thanks.

  14. Oh wow, what a gorgeous place!! I vote painting/stenciling the floors and adding chair mats - easier to clean up and still comfortable/safe for the quilters! You could paint quilt blocks in fun, bright colours!

    As for the name... well, you've got the Barn, the Coop, so what about The Sewing Stable, or The Farmstead, The Quilt Ranch...

  15. How about the Chick Asylum or Chick Haven or Chick Refuge or Chick Resort? Looks like a fabulous retreat center?

  16. The Quilt Stall - like a stall in a barn. And - "If you're stalled, we've got the fodder to get you going again!" If someone needs help or elements for a project, you can assist them.

  17. Stitchin' Homestead, Calico Ranch, Quilting Bee Cottage, The Piecing Patch are a few I thought would be cute!

  18. Ok - I was trying to go with the "outbuilding" theme, and a sewing theme... This is the best I've got: The Iron Works.

  19. The Stitching Stable! What an awesome place! I'm finding myself trying to come up with an event, just to enjoy the facilities :)

  20. The Quilt Haven, The Stich Away, Red Barn Retreat. The Stable

  21. Wow! What an awesome set up. Wish Idaho was on the East coast! Thinking it could be called Stitchers retreat. Or Stitchers Haven.

    I vote for stenciling the floors; with a sampler quilt block pattern!

  22. Beautiful pictures...I'd go with the The Egg Basket.