Friday, November 1, 2013

Vintage Iron Woes

So this happened. This was my cute little personal ironing table made from a card table.
I took it with my to The hen House to teach a class and as I was demonstrating an ironing technique I touched the iron to the fabric and it burst in to flames. The fabric burst in to flames. I stood stunned for a bit and then flicked it to the ground and stomped on it.

Um yah, kind of embarrassing. So, the lesson...vintage irons can get very hot. It probably overheated as it never did this before. Now what to do about my ironing table. I think I will just staple a whole new insul brite and pieced charm top over this burnt one.

Has this ever happened to anyone with vintage irons?

Happy Friday!!


  1. I've never had anything burst into flames, yikes! They do get hot, which is 1 reason why I like mine so much. I sure will watch it in the future now though.

    1. Yes, I love how hot they get too. I should have known something was up, I could smell how hot it was just before.

  2. This happened to me with a brand new (well, this decade!) iron. It was a cheapie from Target…. No flames, but my ironing board cover looked exactly like that in seconds flat! I used it as a good excuse to go buy a new (nice!) rowenta! Yay!

  3. This happened to me with a new (like, this decade) cheapie from Target. No flames, but my ironing board looked just like yours! It was a shock, as I've never had an iron malfunction… I was scared to death to use it again, so I figured it was as a good reason as any to buy a new (nice!) Rowenta!