Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Paper Doll Quilt

I am always on the lookout in our brick and mortar shop for older, out of print fabrics to put in our Etsy Shop . I came across the Paper Doll Fabric and discovered it is hard to find (and expensive!) on Etsy. I put it in our Etsy shop for 8.99 a yard, 42.97 less per yard than what I had found.

I made this quilt just before I started working here and was used as a shop sample.

We don't have the little clothes fabric anymore but I can think of lots of fun things to make with this fabric. What can you think to make with it?


  1. I just went through a bag of scraps gifted to me by a friend and found just over a yard of this fun fabric! I'll have to make a sweet girl quilt with it! Love your quilt!

    1. Great find! Thanks for stopping bay and Happy Sewing!