Friday, April 4, 2014

Beachy Whale

I had this whale tutorial on my Pinterest To-Do list for a while. When we got Moda's line (by Janet Clare), Hearty Good Wished, I knew it was time to get sewing.

I pulled 2 denim shirts out of my re-use pile (one of mine an one of oldest daughters) and got to work.
He just need some eyes.
It is an easy pattern and I am seriously considering making a floral whale. Cause why not?

He goes great with the baby quilt Heather made using a Hearty Good Wishes jelly roll. The quilting Amy did is a great compliment.

Now, I want to visit a beach and play. I am a former Island girl (and now a desert girl) and I sometimes miss the beach

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  1. It is gorgeous, love the blues! It truly matches that beautiful quilt!

  2. Love the whale! It goes so well with the quilt!!! I can almost smell the ocean, ha ha!
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    1. yes, I now want to go to the ocean. Happy Sewing!

  3. Love them both, your quilt looks very nice, color and design are great, love the whale.