Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Handmade Wedding, Napkins

 As some of you know I love junking and thrifting. The ladies at a few of my favorite thrift shops know me because I am there so often. I think its safe to say I am addicted to the hunt.

Naturally, when it came time to plan a wedding, the details would involve one of my addictions (fabric being another).

I often find linen and cotton napkins and knew I could use them. I have been finding them  6/$1.00 and buy as many as I see. I think I am over my quota (50). I should do a napkin count.

I sew a wee button in the corner just for fun. My mom sent me a bag full of buttons that she thrifted where she lives (Victoria, BC).

Some napkins already have a corner embellishment so I leave those without a button.

I have a Pinterest Board for weddings  and have a few ideas on how to fold/tie the napkins for the table.

Heather also got a few more bolts of Ikea Britton Nummer in stock and I think it may find its way in to a wedding project. It fits right in

Anyone have any handmade wedding ideas for us?

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