Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hand Made Wedding: Bouquets

I have 5 attendants and, therefore, 5 bouquets.

Our attendants are our daughters, my 3 and his 2. Yes, five girls. Its kind of awesome actually.

 I knew I didn't want to buy flowers. One, flowers are expensive and two, I think I can make everything. Do you ever say that, "Oh I can make that"? I get myself into trouble thinking that but this time I knew I could make flowers, paper flowers.

I dug an old hardback book out of my garage of wonderful crap. It cost .25 originally.

The title is Veterans of Foreign Wars. Funny right? And by veterans they use Paul Revere as an example, so an old book. I used almost the whole book. Each bouquet takes 30 papers.

I used this tutorial but I only made half of the ball. I will attach a handle on the back some how so they can carry them. Now, they have this to keep forever. I am thinking of mounting them on the wall.

The helped make their own bouquets and I like that they got to be a part of this.

So, total cost for 5 bouquets: .25 for the book and about $2 for the hot glue. Not bad at all.


  1. They look great Tara! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I'm so happy for you.

  2. My daughter will probably be engaged before the year is out and as she is a book reviewer and freelance fiction editor and both her father and I are published fiction authors, she's talking about having a literary theme for the wedding. These bouquets would be great! Thank you.

  3. That is so exciting and how perfect for this couple. When I was cutting the paper squares I had a rectangle left over. I sewed them together staggered and created a few table runners.