Thursday, May 8, 2014

Handmade Wedding: Napkin Rings and a Tutorial

Today I spent some time preparing my linen napkins . I wanted to create a pocket to hold the knife and fork and some sort of tie to keep it closed.

It was quick, easy, and super cheap

Twine 20"
Hemming Lace 10"
Mini Clothes Peg

All of these items came from a thrift shop and cost about .25 per napkin (including the linen napkin)

I sewed a button on the corner of most napkins. If there was already some embellishment, I left it as is. These buttons came from my mom. I called her up with a need for them and she had a cup full

Fold the napkin in to a traingle

Bring the corner over

And then the other corner. I messed around with how much to fold until I got a width I liked

Tie the twin around and make a bow. Tie the lace length across the bow once

Clip on your mini clothes peg

Easy, peasy. Now, I am off to fold and tie 45 more napkins.

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