Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vintage Quilt Thursday:Tree of Life Block Tutorial: Part 2

Happy Friday and welcome to Part 2 of the Tree of Life block tutorial. If you are looking for Part1, go here.

 We are going to create a half square triangle with the last piece sewn in Part 1. Can you see it under the blue square? Draw a diagnonal line on the 8 3/8 blue square. Place the 2 squares, right sides together, and sew down either side of your drawn line with a 1/4" seam.

The bottom block is slightly bigger. Before cutting down the drawn line to separate your 2 pieces, trim the bottom square using the top square as a guide.

After you cut down the drawn line open the square and press open. You will have made 2 identical squares and will only need 1. The other half square triangle you can save for your next block (if you make another).

The square should measure 7.5"

Now to add the bottom of the basket. Draw a diagonal line on the 5" colored square. Place it, right sides together, on the bottom of the block lower than the block by 1/4".

Sew a line above the drawn line. Trim off the bottom of the triangle 1/4" below the drawn line and press the triangle open.

On to the tree tops. Lay out the half square triangles and the two 3" background squares as shown.

Sew the first row of hst as shown.

Attach the rows, the set of 3 hst triangles first to one side, then the 4 hst and background square row next

 Do the same for the top rows.

Here is the first test block I made trying to recreate the original vintage quilt.
What do you think?
This was really fun and I think I will be making several more blocks for a whole quilt.

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  1. Hi Heather!
    Greetings from Guarulhos, Brazil!
    I found your Tree of Life quilt block tutorial through Google and I liked it very much.
    Be sure that is going to help me to build my Tree of life quilts in the future.
    Thanks a lot!