Monday, August 18, 2014

Vintage Quilt Thursday:Dresden Plate Tutorial: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Dresden Plate Tutorial. You can find Part 1 here and the Vintage Inspiration here.

First, an apology for the delay. I got ridiculously sick with the flu Thursday morning and was laid up for several days. It feels good to be up and about again.

You will need:
Background fabric 18"X18"  (I often cut my fabric to be appliqued on slightly bigger and then trim it after. The applique process can shrink the square a bit. I cut this square 18.25")

Pins, I like applique pins. They are smaller and I don't get poked with them like regular pins

Hand sewing needle and thread to match

Start with your 18" square background fabric. Fold it in half and press the fold with your finger.

Fold in half again and finger press the seam. Open your square and you will see a cross hair pressed on the fabric. If you have trouble seeing the lines you can lightly press with an iron.
Use this to center your plate circle.

You can see (barely, sorry) the middle cross hair is lined up with the center seam of the two blades.

Place a pin in each blade to hold it in place (I am showing regular pins here). Don't stretch out the blades or your center circle will not fit properly. 

Needle turn the edges under 1/4 inch.

The way I do it is to bring the needle up from the back, flick the edge of the fabric blade under with my needle and catch the edge (like you are sewing a binding). I turn under less than a quarter inch.

This is the back showing my stitches.

Place your prepared circle over the center, pin in place to hold, and stitch around to secure. You can use a blanket stitch, a decorative stitch, or a simple straight line. I straight line stitched very close to the edge of the circle.

Voila. I have a variation blade to share with you so you can mix up your dresden plate blocks. I also have another fun vintage block for you coming up starting with the vintage quilt inspiration this Thursday.

You can check out our previous Vintage Quilt Thursday posts and the tutorials by searching Vintage Quilt Thursday in the search box.

My next great fabric love is this line by Heather Ross, Far Far Away. My youngest daughters and I came up with a fun project to make with this.

Block details:
Background Fabric
Plates and Center fabric

Link for Fabric Members
Background Fabric
Plates and Center Circle

Want to find out about Fabric Memberships? Here you are

Part 1 Here

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