Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vintage Quilt Thursday: Grandmother's Garden

Hooray for Thursdays and vintage quilts! Today I am sharing 2 Grandmother's Garden quilts from Heather's personal collection.

Each flower features lovely fabrics and many are fussy cut, like these pink roses.
Each flower also has the traditional yellow center.
Can you imagine the hours, years that it took to make this. Yes, women didn't have television or malls to visit (or Pinterest or Instagram!!) but they did have laundry to wash and meals to cook from scratch.

Then! all the tiny hand quilting. Those boxes on the green are about an inch big.

I'm not sure what kind of batting is in here (cotton of some sort, flannel?).  Check out the bottom right corner and you can see a peek of the back of the quilt. The backing is all white but you can clearly see through the quilt with the light shining through. It s very light quilt!

Heather also has a  red and white hexie quilt. I love this quilt too but I think I would be bored out of my mind stitching up only 2 color hexies.

Next week I will be sharing how I stitch my hexies and a baby quilt pattern. Don't worry, I won't have you making a year long project. This baby quilt can be made up in a weekend (or less).

I will be using 1/2" hexies and we have some in the shop (and a few other sizes too).

And remember how I said Far Far Away is my latest fabric love?  Check this one out. Gah, I want to make all the quilts! I do have a pattern picked out and I am trying to decide which fabric line would work best.

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