Monday, October 27, 2014

Reversible Tote

I started this awesome reversible tote over a month ago and never finished it. The instructions had me finish the raw edges around the handles by turning under the front and back edges and sewing them together. At the time I thought a bias binding would be easier. I should just follow the instructions.

The binding didn't work. I sewed around the edge thinking that would be ok. Hmmm... not so much. I should have followed the instructions. I think its a great tote and have been using it as a catch all on my sewing table and will probably leave it as is.

Here is a peek of the inside. I fussy cut the pocket with a fun sewing machine fabric.
This is a free pattern and I would recommend it. But follow the directions, lol.



  1. What a great idea a reversible tote, is! I, ahem, have also gone maverick on my finishing, much to my eventual dismay!! XX!

  2. What is the fabric collection in the picture that the bag is sitting on? Love the bag too :)

    1. That is flannel Miss Kate. We have it available in a layer cake and charm pack too

  3. Maybe if you zigzag over-stitch the edges, it will have a finished unfinished appeal! I have also gone rogue at the wrong time--try to use it as a learning curve. :)