Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Figures Patchwork Quilt

Heather and I have a joke that we only want to make patchwork quilts from now on. We see a fabric line we line and want to patchwork it! Of course, that doesn't always work out but sometimes it does.
There is just something so satisfying about the simplicity of rows of squares.

This quilt was made by our friend, Erika, of Pink Suede Shoe (check her out on Instagram). She used a fat quarter bundle of Figures, by Zen Chic, and several other coordinating fabrics.

Heather quilted the figure 8's. Did you know you can mail in your quilt top and backing and Heather can quilt your quilt  and mail it back? So cool. Info on how to do that is here.

I think the backing is just as awesome as the front. Its like a reversible two for one quilt.

I added a few greens on the shelf to show that the navy goes with other colors too. Teal, red, tan...navy is the perfect compliment to so many colors.

You many have noticed there is no binding on the quilt. Yet. I have to admit, for me, sewing the binding on can really delay a project. Why is that? So close!