Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What I'm Working On: Project Tote

I saw this pattern by Jodi of Vintage Ric Rac and got started right away. I used unbleached linen for the exterior. To transfer the "Work in Progress" image I taped the paper pattern to a window, laid the cut front piece on top, and traced with my handy Frixon Pen.

This bag came together fairly quickly. The inner handle bindings were a bit of a bear though. I have a few more of these cut out (great presents!) so hopefully I get a bit better with that binding.

The bag lining is a fun sewing machine fabric. A perfect pairing.


  1. Love the lining for that tote!!! Makes me smile.
    Hope it gets easier on the handle cutouts.

  2. Love the lining! My exact words were "what a fun lining"! On the binding, did you cut your binding strips on the bias? Curves are easier if you use a bias binding.

  3. I made three of these, I liked them so much. I found the trick is to hand sew the handle binding on both sides.