Monday, May 23, 2011

Joel Dewberry's New Fabric is AMAZING!

I have to say, being surrounded in delicious fabric for 3 days is blissful.  One line in particular, took my breath away.  Joel Dewberry has nailed it for me with his new Heirloom collection.  To DIE for!!!  And the new line of clothing patterns...scrumptious!  We met him and his adorable wife Laurie in their GORGEOUS booth...  jump to Joel & Laurie's blog to see the clothing, booth, and fabrics.  You can even read about the Quilt Barn girls visiting the booth!  Apparently when Judy bought the Citrine Maxi Empire Dress off the mannequin, for her upcoming Paris trip, we made an impression... actually, I think we left some kind of impression everywhere we went.  But, more importantly, this delicious fabric will ship to the Quilt Barn sometime in June!

Yum, yum... I see bags, skirts, dresses, home decor, quilts, pillows.....

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