Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prince Charming by Tula Pink

We had so much fun meeting Tula!  Her booth was fantastic and won 2nd place for best single booth, not to mention her new Prince Charming fabric line - so tantalizing, that Amy just couldn't help herself...
From left to right:  Tula, Amy, Jenny, Me, & Lori admiring the LOVE quilt.  It is on Jenny's sewing machine the very second the UPS man arrives at the barn with that box of Prince Charming - did I mention that shipped out to us YESTERDAY!!!

 Hop over to Tula's blog to see all the photos of her incredible booth.  Here is a close up of the LOVE quilt...
We begged Westminster to pleeeze print this frog panel that Tula used on the back of her booth quilts.  I don't think they felt the same sense of urgency that we did.   :-(  So, maybe if everyone sent them a little note telling them how much we would enjoy it...  kimberly.porter@westminsterfibers.com  I'm so naughty!

Can't wait for Tula's patterns to arrive as well!  Her sweet Mom and brother were helping her out in her booth and we had so much fun making new friends!  Looking forward to seeing the Tula Pink crew next time!

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  1. i am so happy to know you will be getting this line! i cannot wait until it comes!