Saturday, May 12, 2012

My New Rowenta Iron

A few weeks ago my iron up and quit on me. I am used to irons not lasting long. A year, maybe 2 is what I expect. I thought that if my irons don't last very long then why pay a lot for one.
When my iron died I needed to replace it quickly. I sew every day and didn't want to fall behind.
I put a request out on our Facebook page for iron recommendations. Rowenta irons seemed to be well liked by some of you so I bought one. I paid more for this iron than I usually would but maybe my longevity problem was I was getting what I paid for.
So here is my thoughts on the Rowenta Iron:

-it does'nt have an automatic off feature. This could be a good thing. I get frustrated when my iron keeps shutting off on me. I like a hot iron, not a warmish one. I will just have to get into the habit of turning it off when I am done for the day.

-I can see how much water I am putting in. My past irons would just spill over when I had filled it leaving me with a soggy ironing board.

-it gets hot, really hot. For me, this is a good thing. And the steam is abundant.

-the cord could be a little longer. I could use an extension cord and solve this minor problem.

-I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have no complaints and so the Rowenta gets a recommendation from me.
Thanks to everyone who took the time heeding my call on Facebook. Its good to know if I have a question you all are there to help me out.

Rowenta in no way knows of my existence  and  this review was on my own.

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  1. i need to get one! my iron pooped out and i have been using my mini rowenta. i really should get a new one before my mini poops out! xo

  2. I have had my Rowenta for years, still looks like new and works like new :)

  3. Hope it'll work out for you! I mostly heard complains about it that they leak all over the place and don't last long.