Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Peak

We are all mid-project right now. Also, I like to start several and have lots of UFOs going on. I'm working on this. I love starting but I need to wrap a few up.
I am almost finished this giant dresden quilt top. I have one more ring to go, its pink. I am thinking about hand quilting it with chunky perle cotton. I want to use a sheet for the back but it might be too thick to hand quilt. Anyone used perle cotton before? I would love some  suggestions.

And because several of you have asked for a pattern I am writing one up for the Peak Hour quilt.
Remember the Valentine Tree Carving quilt? I am going to be working a tutorial for that too. I had better to get to work.
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  1. Pink! Gotta have the pink in the quilt!