Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doily Pouch Set

I am in a pouchy mood. I needed a prize for The Modern Guild tonight (for the group who helped sew charity quilts)  so I grabbed a round doily out of my doily box (I might have a bit of a hoarding problem where doilies are concerned) and made the pincushion in front. It was so easy and quick. It seemed a little meager on its own so I grabbed another doily (you can buy premade doilies at Michael's but I pick up most of mine at thrift stores) and made a pouch to house the pincushion.

The pouch lining and the needle case are an Urban Cowgirl fabric. The needle case got a few pearl buttons sewn to the corner and I used a scrap of cream 80/20 for the interior needle holder. I forgot a means to hold the case closed and didn't like how it flapped open so I used a fun pin and buried the sharp tip into the case.

The fancy pins came from Michaels' and the thread is Aurifil.

I used some scraps of French General linen for the front, a doily,  Denyse Schmidt Home Decor (for the backing), a Burda pin/button from Sewing Summit 2011, a  paper measuring tape and a vintage metal and red zipper.
Noodlehead has a good zippy pouch tutorial.

In hindsight, if I made another doily pouch I would not center the doily before sewing. It needs to go higher up to accomodate the box pleats on the bottom corners.

A big thank-you to Laura for taking pictures of my projects. I think this one is my favorite.

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