Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewing Resolutions 2013

 This is the first year I have put together New Year's Resolutions. Truth be told I kind of poo poo'd them. I dont know what changed but I am in resolution full force. I have sewing, personal, home, and parenting resolutions.  Nothing crazy but a few lists to keep me on track.

Here are our  2013 Sewing Resolutions

1. learn how to install an invisible zipper (for pillows)
2. complete a bed sized postage stamp quilt using my scraps
3. give away or sell my mountain of finished quilts
4. to either sell or use my hoarded hard to find fabrics. I love them so much I don't want to cut into them
5. to quilt the mountain of quilt tops that are sitting unfinished

1. to make another postage stamp quilt (yes, she already finished hers!)
2. to work with diamonds (she says they are intimidating)

1. sew a postage stamp quilt
2. make a scrappy block from each of quilts she makes this year (from left overs from that quilt)
3. to make one traditional/timeless quilt
4. to give my studio a facelift

1. organize my sewingroom
2. finish UFO's
3. find use for my scraps (besides starting my fireplace)
4. use more of my stash

Tanner would like me to share his goals for this year.
1. open a haberdashery
2. get a pet bird
3. go to college

Heather arranged our new Essentials thread in this cute vintage drawer. Aren't the colors so happy.

And I added our January 10 fat quarters for $10 bundle on Etsy. Check it out.
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