Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine Sewing and Tutorial

Jenele brough in two Valentine goodies for us yesterday.
First is this fun hanger made from a Chemistry panel.

She used a pinking blade in her rotary blade to give this a fun ruffled edge. The back pocket, embellished with a few cross stitched X's, holds your love notes.

I love how simple and cute this project is. 

Next is a heart bunting. Jenele used fabrics from Sending My Love by Moda. I asked her how she made this and she said she traced around a cookie cutter for the heart shape. Great idea!

What You Need:
Heart shape to trace (these hearts are about 3.5X3.5")
fabric scraps or fat quarters for hearts
batting scraps
2.5 yards of twill tape
11 buttons
pinking scissors (to cut out the heart shapes for the ruffle edge)

What To Do
-cut out You need 12 hearts total so cut out 24 heart shapes (for front and back)
-cut out 12 hearts from batting
-on your twill tape mark 12 evenly placed spots for your hearts, leaving a tail to tie at either end. Jenele left about an 11" tail at either end and spaced the hearts out (from the middle of the heart) 6" apart
-layer a backing heart, a batting heart, and a front heart.
-tuck the twill tape between the batting and back heart.You can use spray baste or pins to hold it steady
-sew a few lines through the heart (Jenele sewed 3-4 random diagonal per heart) making sure to catch the twill tape
-sew all 12 hearts in the same manner
-hand sew your 11 buttons between your hearts.

Thanks for sharing with us Jenele

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  1. What a cute way to use bunting!
    How pretty! I should be stitching instead of typing!
    Harvest Lane Cottage