Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Day!

So they're calling the storm that blew through this weekend Storm Gandolf.  Gandolf the White is my guess!  My husband and I were completely snowed in for two and half days!  We walked out the front door and sank to our thighs in snow...we went back in!  It was a relief to see the sun shine on Saturday!

So not being able to even think about leaving the house, I was able to get some sewing projects finished!  I was able to work with bright, happy colors all weekend.  Did you do anything sewing productive over the weekend?  Or enjoy the excuse to be curled up and doze?  Or hit the slopes if you could get out your door?


  1. :) no snow here

    I love yoru photographs, especially the second one.

  2. Love you my friend, only sad part of snow day was not being with you making something beautiful over cocoa and laughter!