Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Modern Building Blocks: Flying Geese

I had a few questions about how I piece my triangles and flying geese units. I thought they best way to answer would be to show a few photos.
Above is the finished block (unfinished 6.5")

I lay all the right side triangles, right sides together, on the center piece. I match the bottom and right sides of all the triangles.

I sew down the sides of each triangle (I use a scant quarter inch).

I open the triangles up and press (I just press, I don't move the iron over the triangle or it may stretch it out of shape)

Do the same for the left side.

I then trim the 'dog ears' from the top and sides of the unit. The side bits can be trimmed with scissors but the top I straight trim with a ruler and rotary cutter

I chain sew together as many units as I can (less travel to the iron)


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And I made a few low volume bundles like the fabrics I have used as my scrappy background fabrics

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