Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Modern Building Blocks: Scrappy Version

Meet my latest quilting obsession (yes, I say that a lot), Moda's Modern Building Blocks. Its a cute fan deck of blocks. There are several blocks sizes (you can see in the top left picture).

I am using my handy design board (tutorial by Lori Holt) to lay out the pieces after cutting them out and carrying it over to my machine.

I am making a scrappy version and decided to cut out and sew the smallest blocks first (6" finished) to make use of my scraps. The bigger blocks may require cutting in to my fat quarters.

I am up to 9.5 blocks (out of 30-6" blocks). I am having so much fun!

I am a little worried about the cut triangles (they do not use a hst triangle technique) and bias so I am starching my scraps and then ironing before cutting. So far it has worked out pretty good. I also am finding I have to use a scant 1/4" to get my blocks all the same.

You may want to check your quarter inch for accuracy. My quarter inch foot has a metal seam guide and I think it gets a little bent after use and I could stand to check it more (and buy a new foot if necessary).

Heather is sewing up a solid version (like in the original) and my friend Mary stopped by today and I asked if she would bring her blocks over to share too.

If you are making and blogging about these blocks, let me know and I can check out and link to your blocks.

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  1. I love yours! I just tried the one you have at the top over my lunch break and my first flying geese was a fail. Any tips for placement? Unless I cut the white wrong and that could have been my problem..

    1. Hi! I spray starch all my fabrics before I cut the pieces (I am using scraps so far so the pieces aren't so big). I sew all the right side flying geese triangles first, iron open, then sew on the left side triangle.
      I am also using a scant 1/4 inch. The piecing is a little fussy that way.
      I also should mention that the first block I cut and sewed was way too small. Turns out I cut a few pieces at 3 3/4 and not 3 7/8. I am not used to 7/8 marking I guess.

  2. Thanks for the reply! Is there any overhang on the flying geese or do they match tip to tip? Your green pearl and the polka dot.

    1. Hi! I am going to take some pictures on how my flying geese look at each step and post it to help answer your question

  3. Thanks for the tips Tara. I love your scrappy version and looking forward to seeing your blocks.

    1. Thanks Dee Dee! I really am having fun with this pattern. My next Modern Building Blocks post is Tuesday.