Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vintage Quilt Thursday: Hourglass

Hello Thursday! Today's quilt has seen some love and is faded and soft.

As I was photographing it and trying to come up with the best way to piece each block (I initially though of doing an hourglass block) I realized how much simplier it actually was. Awesome!
Sometimes an easy quilt it just what I need. And its scrappy, so I am on board!

I wonder what this quilt looked like when the fabrics were brighter? Were they clothing?
Next week I will share how to make this fun little block.

I wanted to show the back too. You can see that the orange piece to the left is a different color. Did it fade different or was different to start with?

I like the rounded corners too. I want to try this some day. I've seen an old cd used to trace the rounded corners. I wonder if I could get away with not using a bias binding (because of the curved corners)? I almost never use bias binding and much prefer to cut regular strips. Most of my bindings are machine applied to the front (time saver) and I think machine binding a bias binding might turn out a bit wonky.

Before I go and fill orders look what we got in!!! Miss Kate flannels, by Bonnie and Camille. This includes layer cakes and charm packs. They would make the best rag quilts! And, with fall and winter around the corner I think my girls need pj pants and pillow cases to keep them warm

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