Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet Jenele!

Jenele is one of our very own Quilt Barn Chicks! She has worked here from the get go (about 4 years!)  She grew up in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  She attended Rick's College where she studied Home Economics and became an expert in cooking and sewing.  There she met her husband and together they had 6 kids (5 boys and 1girl!!)  After raising her 6 kids she went back to school where she got her degree in Elementary Education.

She was first introduced to sewing when she was a young girl.  Her very patient grandmother let her play with scraps of fabric and sew them together on her sewing machine.  Jenele said everyone needs a grandmother like hers.  Someone that will just let you play without worrying about the machine or anything.  Jenele also said that sewing is just who she's in her blood and bones!

Jenele finds her inspiration for sewing and quilting on Pinterest, various magazines and lots and lots of blogs!  Some of her favorite blogs are:  In Color Order, Film in the Fridge, Quilt Story, and Posie gets Cozy.  Although, she might like Posie gets Cozy's dog better than anything!

One tip Jenele would give to new quilters, old quilters, all quilters is to measure twice...cut once!  Nothing is worse than having to unpick something because of an error of measure.  Her favorite gadget is the friXion pen.  It is a marking pen that disappears with heat.  Jenele uses it in her embroidery and quilting patterns...if you don't like it one swipe of the iron and you're good!

(The Quilt Barn carries the friXion pens...they're right up front by the register...they really are amazing)

When I asked Jenele what her favorite color pallet or fabrics to work with is , she instantly said anything bright!  However, she then rattled off several different types of fabric she likes to work with.  They include, bright, modern, anything with animals on it, Dr. Suess, anything scrappy, and of course solids (as you can see above!)  Solids are one of her favorites because of the high contrast that they provide!  She does know how to work the solids!!

So because of Jenel's love of modern, graphic prints.  We've put together a bundle of fabric that Jenele hand pulled herself (pictured below).  So stop on by to The Quilt Barn and check out some of Jenele's favorite fabric!  Just ask for "The Jenele!"

Bella by Lotta Jandotter in the Teal and Chartreuse color ways



  1. i love janelle! such a sweet and talented woman! ;) x

  2. I miss you Jenelle! I loved seeing all your new fun projects!!