Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vintage Modern UFO

 I am on my second Vintage Modern, by Bonnie and Camille, project. I can't help myself.
Remember the free for September pattern I told you about. This one? Its getting made up with 3 of my favorite bolts from this line. 

I have tomorrow off so I am hoping to work on a few more UFOs (unfinished object) and gather some things for our new window. Thursday one of our windows gets taken down and a new one is being put up. It is kind of a wacky idea so I am a little nervous but if it works it will be real fun.

Anyone actually count up how many UFOs they having going? I am afraid to.
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  1. Tara querida,não conte seus OVNIs,não adianta nada,quando você pensa que está indo de vento em popa....Lá vem eles se acumulando de novo e outra vez e de novo.Mas convenhamos....adoramos não?Beijos sem medos.

  2. Tara, the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild is again hosting "UFOctober" this year. So far I have counted 13 UFOs. I only count projects I have actually begun, as in "cut out" or "started sewing," not "bought the fabric and pattern for" or "kits." Ahem.