Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Garland

I am back from my Thanksgiving holiday (the girls and I went to Victoria, BC for the week) and am geared up for Christmas. And Christmas blogging. A few days before I left Laura and I hustled to get our Quilt Barn Christmas windows all set up.
Have you been by and seen them? What do you think? Laura took great pictures and I will be sharing what we did and what we made.

First up is our Christmas tree. I knew our colors were Grinch green, red and white. We had the oversized Christmas ornaments in our treasure trove basement, I had ropes upon ropes of red bead garland so all we needed was something to fluff it up. I checked around locally and wide ribbon is expensive. Our windows have limited budget (because we like to see what we can come up with without spending money).

The green and white garland on our tree? Dollar Store bath puffs. I used 3 of each color. Here is what I did: 

Dollar Store bath puffs. I used 3 of each color. Here is what I did: 

You simply have to snip the string in the middle of the puff to release the layers of mesh. Pull gently.

Tada, tree garland for 6 dollars. You could buy more and make it even more loopy and puffy.

Another money saver is our tree skirt. We needed 2 and I only had one made. There wasn't time to make one and my budget was nil. I headed to my favorite thrift store and picked up the green and white circle fringed table cloth for one dollar. I cut it up to the middle and cut a circle to accomodate the tree base.

Like free patterns? Me too. All this week Tula Pink is giving us a free pattern a day to promote her newest fabric line. Stop by each day to get that day's pattern while its up.
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